Without a doubt one of our favourite venues to work is Morden Hall in South London. A combination of beautiful grounds and elegant interiors, make it one of the most sought after wedding venues in and around the London area. Add to this the brilliant catering and management team of Galloping Gourmet, and you have a winning combination.

We’ve pulled together some photos from a number of weddings that we have shot at Morden Hall over the last few years. We’re very fortunate to be one of their recommended photographers, and get to shoot multiple weddings there each year. If you have booked Morden Hall for your wedding and would like an experienced photography team to cover it, we’d love to hear from you. Just complete this enquiry form, or send an email to mattfoden@me.com

We are a husband and wife wedding photography team based in Purley in Surrey.


Dan_Filippa_111  Dan_Filippa_185  Michael_Katrina_084  Michael_Katrina_102 Michael_Katrina_146 Michael_Katrina_157  Simon_Roisin_137 Dan_Filippa_055 Dan_Filippa_074 Michael_Katrina_071 Michael_Katrina_078  Simon_Jennie_313  Simon_Roisin_100  Steven_Victoria_126_BW Steven_Victoria_130Dan_Filippa_195 Dan_Filippa_201 Dan_Filippa_217  Michael_Katrina_255 Mo_Bronagh_184 Simon_Jennie_128 Simon_Jennie_228 Simon_Jennie_445 Simon_Roisin_254 Simon_Roisin_283 Simon_Roisin_320 Steven_Victoria_234 Steven_Victoria_239 Steven_Victoria_299_BW Steven_Victoria_333Dan_Filippa_269   Steven_Victoria_346_BWMichael_Katrina_117 Simon_Jennie_465  Steven_Victoria_380Dan_Filippa_340 Dan_Filippa_376 Michael_Katrina_360   Simon_Jennie_544 Simon_Roisin_391 Simon_Roisin_392 Simon_Roisin_428 Simon_Roisin_553 Steven_Victoria_155 Steven_Victoria_447_BW Steven_Victoria_662 Steven_Victoria_663 Steven_Victoria_670Michael_Katrina_153 Michael_Katrina_314 Michael_Katrina_325  Michael_Katrina_568 Mo_Bronagh_257 Mo_Bronagh_258 Mo_Bronagh_263 Mo_Bronagh_305Michael_Katrina_504 Mo_Bronagh_338 Mo_Bronagh_400 Simon_Jennie_618 Simon_Jennie_678 Steven_Victoria_487_BW Steven_Victoria_622 Steven_Victoria_640_BW Steven_Victoria_644Michael_Katrina_575 Michael_Katrina_588 Mo_Bronagh_535 Mo_Bronagh_582 Simon_Jennie_746 Simon_Jennie_771 Simon_Jennie_786 Simon_Jennie_823 Simon_Jennie_830 Simon_Roisin_639 Steven_Victoria_710

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