We thought we would share some photos from a number of weddings we’ve shot at Oaks Farm, in Surrey. Without a doubt it’s one of our favourite venues, and we’ve been very fortunate to shoot more than 50 weddings there over the last few years. We’re also chuffed to be one of their recommended photographers.

What is it we love about Oaks Farm? Well firstly, the location -it’s situated just outside of Croydon, so is very well located for both London, Surrey and Kent couples. The venue itself is beautiful, and has a dedicated ceremony room (the Stable Room). The grounds are also equally beautiful too. There’s also an indefinable sense of peace and tranquility at Oaks Farm which makes it such a relaxed place for couples and their guests to spend time.

Of course we also love the Oaks Farm staff too. They are incredibly friendly and professional. It’s a family run business so couples get great personal care and attention.

We hope you love this selection of photos from Oaks Farm. If you have booked Oaks Farm, or are thinking of booking there, and looking for experienced wedding photographers get in touch with us. You can either complete this form, or send an email to mattfoden@me.com or brendafoden@me.com. We are a husband and wife team that shoots every wedding together. This gives us some advantages over a single photographer. For example it means we can capture bridal preps and groom preps at the same time. It also makes the portrait session a lot easier for couples, as we can demonstrate the positions/poses for you to get into.


Matt and Brenda x


Gareth_Ann_094 Gareth_Ann_203 Jesse_Chevonne_106 Jesse_Chevonne_142 Jesse_Chevonne_167 John_Fay_134 Samad_and_Cordelia_104_BW Samad_and_Cordelia_119_BWAndre_Sheraer_122_BW Gareth_Ann_206 John_Fay_198 Luke_Hayley_135Andre_Sheraer_152_BW Andre_Sheraer_161_BW Andre_Sheraer_241_BW Andre_Sheraer_249_BW Chris_and_Romina_122_BW Gareth_Ann_229 Harshan_and_Rachel_183 Jesse_Chevonne_231 John_Fay_251 John_Fay_272 Luke_Hayley_210Arron_Louise_230 Arron_Louise_339 James_Katy_316 James_Katy_317   Luke_Hayley_434 Luke_Hayley_440 Luke_Hayley_453  Matt_Jessica_551  Patrick_Maggie_288 Patrick_Maggie_430 Patrick_Maggie_438 Arron_Louise_070Gareth_Ann_361 Jesse_Chevonne_319 Jesse_Chevonne_367Andre_Sheraer_398 Andre_Sheraer_428 Charlie_Emma_292 Charlie_Emma_393 David and Faye 263 Gareth_Ann_391 Gareth_Ann_392 Gareth_Ann_399 Gareth_Ann_400 Gareth_Ann_428 Harshan_and_Rachel_375 Jesse_Chevonne_424 Joel and Phillipa 321 John_Fay_596 Luke_Hayley_376 Sean_Katy_457 Steven_Raechel_321 Tom_and_Claire_368Gareth_Ann_503 Gareth_Ann_526 Gareth_Ann_531 Luke_Emma_382 Luke_Hayley_428 Luke_Hayley_490 Luke_Hayley_514 Patrick_Maggie_391Gareth_Ann_606 Gareth_Ann_612 Gareth_Ann_623 George and Charlotte 358BW Jesse_Chevonne_661 Luke_Hayley_717 Luke_Hayley_720 Luke_Hayley_733


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