A lot of couples worry about what will happen if it rains on their wedding day- will people still have a good time and be able to enjoy the venue? Will the photos be ruined by the inclement weather?

We wanted to post this (amazing) wedding to show that a rainy day really doesn’t have to effect your wedding day at all. Of course it helps when you have a wedding venue as beautiful as Oaks Farm! We’re very lucky to be one of Oaks Farm’s recommended suppliers, and we absolutely love shooting there. Not only is it a very pretty venue, the Oaks Farm team are just amazing (as are all the caterers, in this case the brilliant 10 Flavours).

One of the advantages of being a husband and wife team is that we can cover the separate prep stages of a wedding day at the same time (as you can see on this blog). It also helps during the portraits stage as we can demonstrate to couples the position to get in, and they can just copy us. For us, it’s really important that being photographed is a really fun and relaxing process 🙂

One thing we have to mention is what an absolutely wonderful couple Ann and Gareth are- what a joy it was to be there on their big day! We must also mention the brill supplier team, which also included our good pals DJ2K, as well as The Flower Pocket and Hair and Makeup Artist Michelle Strong.

Brill Supplier Team

Venue- Oaks Farm

Caterers- 10 Flavours

Flowers- The Flower Pocket

Hair and Makeup-Michelle Strong


Gareth_Ann_011 Gareth_Ann_012 Gareth_Ann_020 Gareth_Ann_021 Gareth_Ann_027 Gareth_Ann_032 Gareth_Ann_039 Gareth_Ann_043 Gareth_Ann_045 Gareth_Ann_051 Gareth_Ann_055 Gareth_Ann_057 Gareth_Ann_059 Gareth_Ann_060 Gareth_Ann_081 Gareth_Ann_082 Gareth_Ann_086 Gareth_Ann_087 Gareth_Ann_091 Gareth_Ann_094 Gareth_Ann_097 Gareth_Ann_103 Gareth_Ann_104 Gareth_Ann_105 Gareth_Ann_106 Gareth_Ann_107 Gareth_Ann_110 Gareth_Ann_121 Gareth_Ann_129 Gareth_Ann_136 Gareth_Ann_137 Gareth_Ann_140 Gareth_Ann_143AGGareth_Ann_152 Gareth_Ann_154 Gareth_Ann_156 Gareth_Ann_158 Gareth_Ann_162 Gareth_Ann_163 Gareth_Ann_165 Gareth_Ann_168 Gareth_Ann_169 Gareth_Ann_170 Gareth_Ann_173 Gareth_Ann_175 Gareth_Ann_180 Gareth_Ann_182 Gareth_Ann_197 Gareth_Ann_198 Gareth_Ann_200 Gareth_Ann_203 Gareth_Ann_205 Gareth_Ann_206 Gareth_Ann_220 Gareth_Ann_221 Gareth_Ann_224 Gareth_Ann_225 Gareth_Ann_228 Gareth_Ann_235 Gareth_Ann_240 Gareth_Ann_246 Gareth_Ann_254 Gareth_Ann_255 Gareth_Ann_262 Gareth_Ann_263 Gareth_Ann_268 Gareth_Ann_278 Gareth_Ann_280 Gareth_Ann_300 Gareth_Ann_301 Gareth_Ann_303 Gareth_Ann_315 Gareth_Ann_317 Gareth_Ann_318 Gareth_Ann_320 Gareth_Ann_327 Gareth_Ann_341 Gareth_Ann_350 Gareth_Ann_352 Gareth_Ann_353 Gareth_Ann_362 Gareth_Ann_368 Gareth_Ann_369 Gareth_Ann_378 Gareth_Ann_379 Gareth_Ann_387 Gareth_Ann_391 Gareth_Ann_392 Gareth_Ann_399 Gareth_Ann_400 Gareth_Ann_411 Gareth_Ann_414 Gareth_Ann_416 Gareth_Ann_417 Gareth_Ann_418 Gareth_Ann_419 Gareth_Ann_426 Gareth_Ann_428 Gareth_Ann_430 Gareth_Ann_431 Gareth_Ann_432 Gareth_Ann_435 Gareth_Ann_437 Gareth_Ann_447 Gareth_Ann_454 Gareth_Ann_455 Gareth_Ann_462 Gareth_Ann_465 Gareth_Ann_468 Gareth_Ann_472 Gareth_Ann_474 Gareth_Ann_479 Gareth_Ann_483 Gareth_Ann_485 Gareth_Ann_487 Gareth_Ann_499 Gareth_Ann_500 Gareth_Ann_501 Gareth_Ann_503 Gareth_Ann_507 Gareth_Ann_518 Gareth_Ann_520 Gareth_Ann_526 Gareth_Ann_528 Gareth_Ann_533 Gareth_Ann_539 Gareth_Ann_549 Gareth_Ann_553 Gareth_Ann_555 Gareth_Ann_559 Gareth_Ann_563 Gareth_Ann_564 Gareth_Ann_565 Gareth_Ann_566 Gareth_Ann_577 Gareth_Ann_578 Gareth_Ann_579 Gareth_Ann_603 Gareth_Ann_605 Gareth_Ann_606 Gareth_Ann_610 Gareth_Ann_612 Gareth_Ann_613 Gareth_Ann_614 Gareth_Ann_615 Gareth_Ann_617 Gareth_Ann_622 Gareth_Ann_623 Gareth_Ann_628 Gareth_Ann_635 Gareth_Ann_641 Gareth_Ann_643 Gareth_Ann_646 Gareth_Ann_653 Gareth_Ann_656 Gareth_Ann_657 Gareth_Ann_663 Gareth_Ann_676 Gareth_Ann_678 Gareth_Ann_682 Gareth_Ann_694 Gareth_Ann_696 Gareth_Ann_699

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