Emily and Karl (who incidentally are about as lovely a couple as you could wish to meet) both live in Australia. However they decided to get married in Surrey, where Emily is originally from. A lot of Karl’s family flew over from Oz to attend what was a wonderfully relaxed and fun wedding. We have to say both families were a lot of fun to be around, and this made our job an absolute joy! The venue for the wedding was the beautiful Old Greens Barn, which was the perfect location for the kind of wedding Emily and Karl wanted. Based in Newdigate in Surrey this fabulous venue features a beautifully restored period barn, with stunning grounds.

We hope you like this selection of photos from this wonderful wedding. I know we had a LOT of fun photographing it!

Matt and Brenda

Emily KarlKarl_Emily_012 Karl_Emily_013 Karl_Emily_016 Karl_Emily_017 Karl_Emily_018 Karl_Emily_020 Karl_Emily_021 Karl_Emily_022 Karl_Emily_024 Karl_Emily_026 Karl_Emily_028 Karl_Emily_030 Karl_Emily_033 Karl_Emily_038 Karl_Emily_041 Karl_Emily_044 Karl_Emily_046 Karl_Emily_047 Karl_Emily_048 Karl_Emily_054 Karl_Emily_058 Karl_Emily_065 Karl_Emily_068 Karl_Emily_070 Karl_Emily_077 Karl_Emily_079 Karl_Emily_080 Karl_Emily_081 Karl_Emily_088 Karl_Emily_098 Karl_Emily_102 Karl_Emily_105 Karl_Emily_107 Karl_Emily_109 Karl_Emily_133 Karl_Emily_136 Karl_Emily_137 Karl_Emily_139 Karl_Emily_142 Karl_Emily_148 Karl_Emily_150 Karl_Emily_158 Karl_Emily_159 Karl_Emily_160 Karl_Emily_170 Karl_Emily_174 Karl_Emily_175 Karl_Emily_176 Karl_Emily_181 Karl_Emily_182 Karl_Emily_195 Karl_Emily_208 Karl_Emily_223 Karl_Emily_228 Karl_Emily_291 Karl_Emily_293 Karl_Emily_298 Karl_Emily_309 Karl_Emily_321 Karl_Emily_324 Karl_Emily_335 Karl_Emily_340 Karl_Emily_342 Karl_Emily_346 Karl_Emily_359 Karl_Emily_367 Karl_Emily_371 Karl_Emily_373 Karl_Emily_383 Karl_Emily_384 Karl_Emily_400 Karl_Emily_408 Karl_Emily_412 Karl_Emily_426 Karl_Emily_435 Karl_Emily_448 Karl_Emily_449 Karl_Emily_454 Karl_Emily_457 Karl_Emily_462 Karl_Emily_463 Karl_Emily_468 Karl_Emily_469 Karl_Emily_474 Karl_Emily_480 Karl_Emily_485 Karl_Emily_488 Karl_Emily_490 Karl_Emily_493 Karl_Emily_498 Karl_Emily_502 Karl_Emily_506 Karl_Emily_510 Karl_Emily_511 Karl_Emily_513 Karl_Emily_516 Karl_Emily_521 Karl_Emily_522 Karl_Emily_524 Karl_Emily_525 Karl_Emily_526

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