Pre-Wedding Shoots offer couples an excellent opportunity to get used to being photographed together before their big day. Fay and John booked us to shoot their pre-wedding shoot in one of their favourite locations- the Southbank area of Central London. It also happens to be one of our favourite parts of London too, so we knew wed have a lot of fun on this shoot.

The shoots normally take in the region of an hour to an hour and a half, and we keep them very relaxed and informal. We hope you like this selection of photos from the shoot!

Matt and Brenda

Fay_John_PWS_01 Fay_John_PWS_04 Fay_John_PWS_11 Fay_John_PWS_12 Fay_John_PWS_39 Fay_John_PWS_44 Fay_John_PWS_48 Fay_John_PWS_51 Fay_John_PWS_65


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