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Sam and Charlotte’s fabulous Sussex wedding was undoubtedly one of the highlights of 2018 for us. It was just so much darn fun to shoot! Sam and Charlotte are such a lovely couple, and made sure that their wedding incorporated elements that reflected their personalities and interests. They both love their horses, so we made sure that we took photos with their horses just after their church ceremony.

The reception was held at the stunning Duncton Mill Fishery. This beautiful venue provided us with some great locations for portraits, and the lake also provided a fantastic feature too.

We hope you like this selection of photos from their wonderful wedding day!

Matt and Brenda

Sam_Charlotte_001Sam_Charlotte_018 Sam_Charlotte_019 Sam_Charlotte_022 Sam_Charlotte_023 Sam_Charlotte_026 Sam_Charlotte_034 Sam_Charlotte_040 Sam_Charlotte_046 Sam_Charlotte_047 Sam_Charlotte_050 Sam_Charlotte_055 Sam_Charlotte_056 Sam_Charlotte_058 Sam_Charlotte_063 Sam_Charlotte_068 Sam_Charlotte_070 Sam_Charlotte_072 Sam_Charlotte_076 Sam_Charlotte_078 Sam_Charlotte_079 Sam_Charlotte_081 Sam_Charlotte_082 Sam_Charlotte_086 Sam_Charlotte_091 Sam_Charlotte_093 Sam_Charlotte_094 Sam_Charlotte_096 Sam_Charlotte_110 Sam_Charlotte_112 Sam_Charlotte_115 Sam_Charlotte_135 Sam_Charlotte_142 Sam_Charlotte_143 Sam_Charlotte_145 Sam_Charlotte_150 Sam_Charlotte_153 Sam_Charlotte_164 Sam_Charlotte_165 Sam_Charlotte_180 Sam_Charlotte_182 Sam_Charlotte_186 Sam_Charlotte_189 Sam_Charlotte_197 Sam_Charlotte_201 Sam_Charlotte_206 Sam_Charlotte_210 Sam_Charlotte_236 Sam_Charlotte_241 Sam_Charlotte_247 Sam_Charlotte_250 Sam_Charlotte_252 Sam_Charlotte_258 Sam_Charlotte_259 Sam_Charlotte_260 Sam_Charlotte_266 Sam_Charlotte_267 Sam_Charlotte_271 Sam_Charlotte_275 Sam_Charlotte_280 Sam_Charlotte_293 Sam_Charlotte_295 Sam_Charlotte_296 Sam_Charlotte_308 Sam_Charlotte_309 Sam_Charlotte_313 Sam_Charlotte_338 Sam_Charlotte_340 Sam_Charlotte_341 Sam_Charlotte_343 Sam_Charlotte_347 Sam_Charlotte_350 Sam_Charlotte_366 Sam_Charlotte_378 Sam_Charlotte_380 Sam_Charlotte_382 Sam_Charlotte_386 Sam_Charlotte_411 Sam_Charlotte_415 Sam_Charlotte_417 Sam_Charlotte_439 Sam_Charlotte_446 Sam_Charlotte_450 Sam_Charlotte_453 Sam_Charlotte_456 Sam_Charlotte_469 Sam_Charlotte_477 Sam_Charlotte_489 Sam_Charlotte_501 Sam_Charlotte_502 Sam_Charlotte_529 Sam_Charlotte_555 Sam_Charlotte_561 Sam_Charlotte_562 Sam_Charlotte_565 Sam_Charlotte_573 Sam_Charlotte_575 Sam_Charlotte_587 Sam_Charlotte_589 Sam_Charlotte_600 Sam_Charlotte_603 Sam_Charlotte_608 Sam_Charlotte_611 Sam_Charlotte_626 Sam_Charlotte_627 Sam_Charlotte_639 Sam_Charlotte_642 Sam_Charlotte_655 Sam_Charlotte_667 Sam_Charlotte_671 Sam_Charlotte_674 Sam_Charlotte_680



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