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This was genuinely such a fun and vibrant wedding to shoot. We met Victoria and Robbie about a month or so before their big day and just knew that this was a wedding we’d really enjoy shooting. This lovely couple had their service at the beautiful Edward the Confessor Church in Sutton Green, and their reception at Gorse Hill, which is just down the road in Woking. We’ve been fortunate to shoot at Gorse Hill in the past, and it’s a lovely wedding venue, with some beautiful interior and exterior locations, as well as brilliant staff.

We hope you like this selection of photos from what was a wonderful day!

Matt and Brenda

Robbie_Victoria_008Robbie_Victoria_001 Robbie_Victoria_002 Robbie_Victoria_003Robbie_Victoria_004 Robbie_Victoria_005 Robbie_Victoria_006 Robbie_Victoria_007 Robbie_Victoria_009 Robbie_Victoria_010 Robbie_Victoria_011 Robbie_Victoria_013 Robbie_Victoria_014 Robbie_Victoria_015 Robbie_Victoria_020Robbie_Victoria_016 Robbie_Victoria_017 Robbie_Victoria_018 Robbie_Victoria_019 Robbie_Victoria_021 Robbie_Victoria_022 Robbie_Victoria_023 Robbie_Victoria_024Robbie_Victoria_025 Robbie_Victoria_026 Robbie_Victoria_028 Robbie_Victoria_029 Robbie_Victoria_030 Robbie_Victoria_031 Robbie_Victoria_032 Robbie_Victoria_033 Robbie_Victoria_034 Robbie_Victoria_036 Robbie_Victoria_037 Robbie_Victoria_038Robbie_Victoria_039Robbie_Victoria_0418Y0A1985Robbie_Victoria_043 Robbie_Victoria_044 Robbie_Victoria_045 Robbie_Victoria_046 Robbie_Victoria_048 Robbie_Victoria_049 Robbie_Victoria_050 Robbie_Victoria_051 Robbie_Victoria_053 Robbie_Victoria_054 Robbie_Victoria_055 Robbie_Victoria_056 Robbie_Victoria_057 Robbie_Victoria_058 Robbie_Victoria_059 Robbie_Victoria_060 Robbie_Victoria_061 Robbie_Victoria_062 Robbie_Victoria_063 Robbie_Victoria_064 Robbie_Victoria_065 Robbie_Victoria_066 SH7A1406Robbie_Victoria_067 Robbie_Victoria_068 Robbie_Victoria_069 Robbie_Victoria_070 Robbie_Victoria_071 Robbie_Victoria_072



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