The setting for Jen and David’s wedding was the wonderful Copse. Set in Oxfordshire but also very close to Reading, it’s a brilliantly relaxed and informal venue that also doubles up for guest hire at weekends- it has to be one of the best venues we’ve shot at!

Jen and David are a lovely couple, and we had a huge amount of fun capturing their day. We hope you enjoy this selection of their photos!

Matt and Brenda x

David_Jennifer_001 David_Jennifer_025 David_Jennifer_030 David_Jennifer_049 David_Jennifer_055 David_Jennifer_056 David_Jennifer_061 David_Jennifer_064 David_Jennifer_065 David_Jennifer_066 David_Jennifer_071 David_Jennifer_073 David_Jennifer_103 David_Jennifer_127 David_Jennifer_131 David_Jennifer_134 David_Jennifer_138 David_Jennifer_151 David_Jennifer_152 David_Jennifer_164 David_Jennifer_167 David_Jennifer_184 David_Jennifer_198 David_Jennifer_201 David_Jennifer_204 David_Jennifer_210 David_Jennifer_215 David_Jennifer_263 David_Jennifer_268 David_Jennifer_327 David_Jennifer_330 David_Jennifer_331 David_Jennifer_335 David_Jennifer_346 David_Jennifer_350 David_Jennifer_355 David_Jennifer_362 David_Jennifer_365 David_Jennifer_368 David_Jennifer_373 David_Jennifer_383 David_Jennifer_414 David_Jennifer_417 David_Jennifer_418 David_Jennifer_431 David_Jennifer_481 David_Jennifer_484 David_Jennifer_489 David_Jennifer_495 David_Jennifer_509 David_Jennifer_510 David_Jennifer_514 David_Jennifer_528

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