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Helen and Richard’s fabulous wedding at Leez Priory earlier this year was a truly emotional, fun and wonderful day. We were fortunate enough to photograph Helen’s brother’s wedding a few years ago in Surrey, so we were delighted to be photographing another wedding for this wonderful family!

Essex has some truly wonderful wedding venues, and Leez Priory has to be near the top of the list of these. It has some stunning locations within the grounds for portraits and some wonderful interior locations too, some of which feature some very dramatic light.

We really hope you like this selection of photos from Richard and Helen’s fabulous wedding day! Enjoy!

Matt and Brenda

Richard_Helen_002 Richard_Helen_007 Richard_Helen_010 Richard_Helen_018 Richard_Helen_020 Richard_Helen_031 Richard_Helen_033 Richard_Helen_038 Richard_Helen_039 Richard_Helen_040 Richard_Helen_048 Richard_Helen_057 Richard_Helen_060 Richard_Helen_069 Richard_Helen_073 Richard_Helen_151 Richard_Helen_155 Richard_Helen_161 Richard_Helen_164 Richard_Helen_173 Richard_Helen_176 Richard_Helen_179 Richard_Helen_192 Richard_Helen_197 Richard_Helen_202 Richard_Helen_210 Richard_Helen_212 Richard_Helen_250 Richard_Helen_311 Richard_Helen_312 Richard_Helen_330 Richard_Helen_335 Richard_Helen_339 Richard_Helen_349 Richard_Helen_368 Richard_Helen_370 Richard_Helen_371 Richard_Helen_383 Richard_Helen_387 Richard_Helen_410 Richard_Helen_413 Richard_Helen_416 Richard_Helen_417 Richard_Helen_425 Richard_Helen_426 Richard_Helen_432 Richard_Helen_461 Richard_Helen_462 Richard_Helen_486 Richard_Helen_490 Richard_Helen_491 Richard_Helen_514 Richard_Helen_515 Richard_Helen_519 Richard_Helen_523ex


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