At the beginning of August we were very fortunate to travel up to Ayrshire in Scotland to photograph the stunning wedding of Kyle and Helen. They are the most wonderful couple, and their amazing families were a joy to photograph too! Blairquhan Castle is located in the beautiful countryside of Ayrshire and offers the most amazing grounds as well as interior locations too. We took a series of portraits within the stunning walled gardens on the grounds of the castle for Kyle and Helen.

The ceremony itself featured many traditional Scottish elements including the tying of the knot, which literally symbolises the coming together of two families, a wonderful tradition in our view. In the evening Kyle and Helen had arranged for a traditional ceilidh band to play too, which provided some fantastic entertainment for guests and made for some great opportunities for photographs of the guests dancing together.

We hope you like this selection of photographs of what was an amazing day! Enjoy!

Matt and Brenda

Kyle_Helen_002 Kyle_Helen_009 Kyle_Helen_010 Kyle_Helen_012 Kyle_Helen_016 Kyle_Helen_020 Kyle_Helen_023 Kyle_Helen_026 Kyle_Helen_027 Kyle_Helen_032 Kyle_Helen_036 Kyle_Helen_043 Kyle_Helen_049 Kyle_Helen_057 Kyle_Helen_065 Kyle_Helen_066 Kyle_Helen_083 Kyle_Helen_098 Kyle_Helen_101 Kyle_Helen_105 Kyle_Helen_114 Kyle_Helen_115 Kyle_Helen_117 Kyle_Helen_124 Kyle_Helen_126 Kyle_Helen_127 Kyle_Helen_131 Kyle_Helen_134 Kyle_Helen_156 Kyle_Helen_165 Kyle_Helen_174 Kyle_Helen_178 Kyle_Helen_181 Kyle_Helen_183 Kyle_Helen_185 Kyle_Helen_187 Kyle_Helen_189 Kyle_Helen_191 Kyle_Helen_204 Kyle_Helen_205 Kyle_Helen_213 Kyle_Helen_215 Kyle_Helen_219 Kyle_Helen_227 Kyle_Helen_231 Kyle_Helen_239 Kyle_Helen_255 Kyle_Helen_276 Kyle_Helen_279 Kyle_Helen_287 Kyle_Helen_288 Kyle_Helen_293 Kyle_Helen_306 Kyle_Helen_314 Kyle_Helen_316 Kyle_Helen_318 Kyle_Helen_321 Kyle_Helen_326 Kyle_Helen_331 Kyle_Helen_335 Kyle_Helen_350 Kyle_Helen_351 Kyle_Helen_361 Kyle_Helen_362 Kyle_Helen_365 Kyle_Helen_367 Kyle_Helen_369 Kyle_Helen_371 Kyle_Helen_396 Kyle_Helen_400 Kyle_Helen_407 Kyle_Helen_432 Kyle_Helen_436 Kyle_Helen_439 Kyle_Helen_446 Kyle_Helen_450 Kyle_Helen_451 Kyle_Helen_459 Kyle_Helen_476 Kyle_Helen_480 Kyle_Helen_486 Kyle_Helen_487 Kyle_Helen_492 Kyle_Helen_494 Kyle_Helen_495 Kyle_Helen_505 Kyle_Helen_511 Kyle_Helen_518 Kyle_Helen_519 Kyle_Helen_521 Kyle_Helen_526 Kyle_Helen_535 Kyle_Helen_537 Kyle_Helen_545 Kyle_Helen_552 Kyle_Helen_570 Kyle_Helen_575 Kyle_Helen_578 Kyle_Helen_580 Kyle_Helen_582 Kyle_Helen_587

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