Liz and Vincent’s Lensbury Wedding

We had an absolutely amazing time shooting Liz and Vincent’s pre-wedding shoot at London’s South Bank and Shad Thames areas recently (which we’ll be blogging soon- watch the space!), so we knew we were going to love their wedding day itself. Liz is from Singapore originally but she has lived in London for a while now. It was so lovely to see so many of Liz’s family coming over from Singapore to be there with them on their wedding day.

This lovely couple chose St.Raphael’s Church in Kingston for their service, followed by the Lensbury Hotel in Teddington for their reception. Hand on heart St.Raphael’s is one of the most beautiful churches we have shot in for quite some time- it was breathtaking! We’ve been fortunate enough to shoot at the Lensbury Hotel before, a few years back, and its a wonderful wedding venue. The hotel itself backs on to the Thames, and offers some fantastic grounds and locations for couples’ portraits. It also happens to be a lovely venue inside too, and we always try to capture a mixture of both indoor and outdoor portraits when we shoot there.

The wedding was shot with a mixture of Canon 5D Mark 3 camera bodies and also the Fuji X-Pro 2 and X-T1. Whilst the bulk of our wedding photos are captured with the Canons it’s true to say that were starting to shoot a lot more with the Fuji’s (particularly Brenda). The X-Pro 2 in particular is a fantastic camera, that really helps you to capture moments in a very quiet and discreet way. We’ll be blogging a little more about the whole SLR v Mirrorless debate in future blog posts.

We hope you like this selection of photos from Liz and Vincent’s superb wedding. It was a lot of fun to shoot!

If you are looking for surrey wedding photographers with experience of shooting at the Lensbury, we’d love to hear from you. We are a husband and wife team with more than 5 years experience of shooting weddings together. We’re very friendly and our style is all about capturing your wedding day in a natural, relaxed and creative way.

Vincent_and_Liz_01 Vincent_and_Liz_02 Vincent_and_Liz_03 Vincent_and_Liz_04 Vincent_and_Liz_05 Vincent_and_Liz_06 Vincent_and_Liz_07 Vincent_and_Liz_08 Vincent_and_Liz_09 Vincent_and_Liz_10 Vincent_and_Liz_11 Vincent_and_Liz_12 Vincent_and_Liz_13 Vincent_and_Liz_14 Vincent_and_Liz_15 Vincent_and_Liz_16 Vincent_and_Liz_17 Vincent_and_Liz_18 Vincent_and_Liz_19 Vincent_and_Liz_20 Vincent_and_Liz_21 BREN1390Vincent_and_Liz_23 Vincent_and_Liz_24 Vincent_and_Liz_25 Vincent_and_Liz_26 Vincent_and_Liz_28 Vincent_and_Liz_29 Vincent_and_Liz_30 Vincent_and_Liz_31 Vincent_and_Liz_32 Vincent_and_Liz_33 Vincent_and_Liz_34 Vincent_and_Liz_35 Vincent_and_Liz_36 Vincent_and_Liz_37 Vincent_and_Liz_38 Vincent_and_Liz_39 Vincent_and_Liz_40 Vincent_and_Liz_41 Vincent_and_Liz_42 Vincent_and_Liz_43 Vincent_and_Liz_44 Vincent_and_Liz_45 Vincent_and_Liz_46 Vincent_and_Liz_47 Vincent_and_Liz_48 Vincent_and_Liz_49 Vincent_and_Liz_50 Vincent_and_Liz_51 Vincent_and_Liz_52 Vincent_and_Liz_53 Vincent_and_Liz_54 Vincent_and_Liz_55 Vincent_and_Liz_56 Vincent_and_Liz_57 Vincent_and_Liz_58 Vincent_and_Liz_59 Vincent_and_Liz_60 Vincent_and_Liz_61 Vincent_and_Liz_62 Vincent_and_Liz_64

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