Weddings at Croydon Registry Office

The Venues

Paul and Olivia wanted a relaxed and fun feel to their Japanese themed wedding, and decided to hold their ceremony at Croydon Registry Office. The rooms at this wedding venue are lovely and the location didn’t disappoint on the day itself. For the evening meal and reception Olivia, Paul and their guests moved on to the Little Bay restaurant in South Croydon. This fab location is actually one of our favourite restaurants, and we’ve spent many a good evening there, including one particularly good new year’s eve. If you live near the Croydon area, its definitely a restaurant to check out. The upstairs room in Little Bay was absolutely perfect for the Japanese theme of the wedding, with it’s gentle low-key lighting and ambience. From a technical point of view as a photographer you need fast prime lenses to cope with these low light situations, and both the Canon and Fuji camera bodies were brilliant! Many of the evening shots on this blog post were shot with the Fuji X-T1 and X-Pro 2. These fantastic cameras, whilst half the weight and size of DSLR’s, are simply superb in these situations, and are very discreet too.

The Wedding

We really felt we had a good rapport with Olivia and Paul when we first met them, and LOVED the sound of their Japanese themed wedding (both Olivia and Paul are involved in martial arts and devotees of Japanese culture). On the day itself, both this lovely couple, and their friends and family, were a joy to be around. There were so many moving moments during this wedding, especially during the speeches. As a photographer you really find yourself getting caught up in the emotions of a wedding day!

We have to mention how AMAZING all the little details were! Paul and Olivia had even gone to the lengths of creating 1000 origami cranes. Legend has it that anyone that creates 1000 cranes will be granted a wish by the gods!

We hope you enjoy this selection of photos from their wedding day!

Matt and Brenda x

Olivia_Paul_01 Olivia_Paul_02 Olivia_Paul_03 Olivia_Paul_04 Olivia_Paul_05 Olivia_Paul_06 Olivia_Paul_07 Olivia_Paul_08 Olivia_Paul_09 Olivia_Paul_10 Olivia_Paul_11 Olivia_Paul_12 Olivia_Paul_13 Olivia_Paul_14 Olivia_Paul_15 Olivia_Paul_16 Weddings at Croydon Registry Office Olivia_Paul_18 Olivia_Paul_19 Olivia_Paul_20 Olivia_Paul_21 Olivia_Paul_22 Olivia_Paul_23 Olivia_Paul_24 Olivia_Paul_25 Olivia_Paul_26 Olivia_Paul_27 Olivia_Paul_28 Olivia_Paul_29 Weddings at Croydon Registry Office Weddings at Croydon Registry Office Olivia_Paul_32 Olivia_Paul_33 Olivia_Paul_34 Olivia_Paul_35 Olivia_Paul_36 Olivia_Paul_37 Olivia_Paul_38 Olivia_Paul_39 Olivia_Paul_40 Olivia_Paul_41 Olivia_Paul_42 Olivia_Paul_43 Olivia_Paul_45 Olivia_Paul_46 Olivia_Paul_47 Olivia_Paul_48 Little Bay Wedding Olivia_Paul_51 Olivia_Paul_52 Olivia_Paul_53 Olivia_Paul_54 Olivia_Paul_55 Olivia_Paul_56 Olivia_Paul_57 Olivia_Paul_58 Olivia_Paul_59 Olivia_Paul_60 Olivia_Paul_61 Olivia_Paul_62



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