Without a doubt one of our favourite venues in Surrey is the stunning Farnham Castle. Situated on the border of Surrey and Hampshire, Farnham Castle was used as an administrative centre and of course home for the Bishops of Westminster for some 800 years! It was also a port of call for many renowned monarchs through the ages, with both Queen Victoria and King John staying within its walls. Its no surprise then that Farnham Castle, with it’s vast history, is such an attractive option for couples for their wedding day!

When photographing here there are many great options for shots- the keep itself makes for a stunning backdrop, but there are also some amazing interior locations too. The chapel is a stunning location, and the main reception hall is utterly gorgeous too. We’ve shared a few images from a wedding we shot at Farnham Castle a couple of years ago.

If you have booked this amazing venue for your wedding, and are looking for wedding photographers that have experience of shooting here we’d love to hear from you. We are a husband and wife team that shoot every wedding together. This means you get the advantage of 2 photographers covering your big day, which leads to much better coverage. Why not take a look at our galleries, to get a better feel of how we approach and shoot weddings. To check our availability just fill out this simple form and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Matt and Brenda

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