We were lucky enough to visit Morden Hall in South London at the Wedding Industry Awards last year, just a few months before it was due to open its doors as a new wedding venue. At the time we were really impressed, and very excited too as we had just taken a booking to shoot a wedding there in 2016. The venue is located in the heart of South London, but sits within 125 acres of beautiful parkland right by the River Wandle. So it benefits from both great links into and out of London, plus being a really peaceful location at the same time.

Fast-forward 9 months and we had our opportunity to shoot there, at the wonderful wedding of Steven and Victoria. It’s a beautiful venue that has a combination of both beautiful grounds AND some wonderful interior locations too. We always like to incorporate both interior and exterior locations when we shoot portraits on a wedding day, as you can get a really different feel to the photos.

We were also very lucky to have some wonderful light during the evening ‘golden hour’ and took the opportunity to get some portraits of Steven and Victoria at this time. We hope you like this selection of photos from this awesome wedding! As of May 2017 we are now delighted to say that we are one of Morden Hall’s recommended suppliers. If you like our style and approach to this wedding why not fill out this simple form, let us know the date of your wedding and we’ll get back to you with our availability, pricing and more information 🙂

Matt and Brenda

steven_victoria_01 Morden Hall Wedding Photos steven_victoria_03 steven_victoria_04 steven_victoria_05 steven_victoria_06 steven_victoria_07 steven_victoria_08 steven_victoria_09 steven_victoria_10 steven_victoria_11 steven_victoria_12 steven_victoria_13 steven_victoria_14 steven_victoria_15 steven_victoria_16 steven_victoria_17 steven_victoria_18 steven_victoria_19 Morden Hall Wedding Photos steven_victoria_21 steven_victoria_22 steven_victoria_23 steven_victoria_24 Morden Hall Wedding Photos steven_victoria_26 steven_victoria_27 steven_victoria_28 steven_victoria_29 steven_victoria_30 steven_victoria_31 steven_victoria_32 steven_victoria_33 Morden Hall Wedding Photos steven_victoria_35 steven_victoria_36 steven_victoria_37 steven_victoria_38 steven_victoria_39 steven_victoria_40 steven_victoria_41 steven_victoria_42 steven_victoria_43 steven_victoria_44 steven_victoria_45 steven_victoria_46 steven_victoria_47 steven_victoria_48 steven_victoria_49 steven_victoria_50 steven_victoria_51 steven_victoria_52 steven_victoria_53 steven_victoria_54 steven_victoria_55 steven_victoria_56 steven_victoria_57 steven_victoria_58 steven_victoria_59 steven_victoria_60 steven_victoria_61 steven_victoria_62 steven_victoria_63 steven_victoria_64 steven_victoria_65 steven_victoria_66 steven_victoria_67 steven_victoria_68 steven_victoria_69 steven_victoria_70 steven_victoria_71 steven_victoria_72 steven_victoria_73 steven_victoria_74 steven_victoria_75 steven_victoria_76 steven_victoria_77 steven_victoria_78 steven_victoria_79 steven_victoria_80 steven_victoria_81 steven_victoria_82 steven_victoria_83 steven_victoria_84 steven_victoria_100 steven_victoria_101 steven_victoria_102 steven_victoria_103 steven_victoria_104 steven_victoria_105 steven_victoria_106 steven_victoria_107 steven_victoria_108

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