Aw, Rosie and Dan- what a lovely, lovely couple! And so much to love about their wedding day! From Rosie’s dress, to the festival theme of the wedding, to those AMAZING details (check out the vinyl signing ‘boards’ and that cake), and just the fantastic sense of fun of the whole affair!

The setting for their service was the beautiful Chaldon Church in Surrey, which is steeped in history. The vicar conducting the service was fantastic- warm, friendly and very funny to boot. It was a a very emotional service, with perhaps the most touching moment being Rosie’s dad singing a song that she first heard him singing at another wedding when she was a child. She’d always wanted her dad to sing this at her wedding, and we have to say he did an amazing job- there wasn’t a dry eye in the church, and we have to admit we had to fight back the tears ourselves.

The reception venue was the beautiful Westmead in Nutfield. This outdoor location is stunning and is just the perfect location for tipi or marquee weddings. Rosie and Dan’s festival theme was so beautifully realised, in terms of location, details and just the overall warmth and relaxed nature of the day. Many of their guests camped out in the fields of the venue, and Rosie and Dan had their own VIP tent too, which of course we had to incorporate into the portraits too! We have to give a mention to to Basil Bus, which is a gorgeous vintage camper van, hired from our good pals at Buttercup Bus.

Anyway, I guess you can tell how excited we are to share this wedding. Enjoy!

Matt and Brenda x

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4 thoughts on “Rosie & Dan’s Festival Themed Wedding”

  1. Such a wonderful couple and magical day. Your photos are so lovely and you’ve captured the personalities and fun of the day so well. I would love to include you in our list of preferred suppliers and recommend you to other Westmead couples x

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! It was such a wonderful wedding day, from the amazing couple through to the festival theme, and of course your amazing venue. We would be delighted and honoured to be on your list of recommended suppliers! Matt and Brenda x

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