Matt and Lois’ wedding has to be one of our favourite weddings of 2016! We met Matt and Lois’ through Matt’s lovely sister Clare, whose wedding to Jason we shot last year at Oaks Farm. We were delighted to be booked to shoot Matt and Lois’ wedding too, not only because they are so nice, but also because we got to see Clare and Jason again! Both Lois and Matt’s families are so lovely, that we both felt so at home shooting this wedding!

The venue for this amazing day was the lovely Warren in Hayes, Bromley. The site is owned by the Metropolitan Police and includes over 22 acres of lovely grounds and some really good sized reception rooms for weddings. It also boasts a lot of great locations for shooting couples’ portraits too.

We hope you like this selection of photos from what was a really fun and emotional wedding day (just what we love to shoot!). If you have already booked the Warren for your wedding, or are thinking of booking it, and have yet to book your wedding photographers we’d love to hear from you. We shoot every wedding as a husband and wife team which means you benefit from the greater coverage provided by two photographers.

Matt and Brenda

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