This photo is one of our favourite first dance shots from this year, and it was taken from an autumn wedding at the amazing Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor.

Why we love it

As a wedding photographer you are always trying to balance three things- lighting, composition and moment. It’s unusual (but great) when all three components come together in one shot, as it does here. The composition is a little unusual- the bride and groom are positioned at the bottom of the frame, and shot from a low angle. Whilst they are the ‘subject’ of the picture the context is very much the room itself, with all its amazing grandeur (it used to be a chapel)- hence their position in the frame.

The ‘moment’ in this picture is all about the connection between the bride and groom- its quite subtle, and not, on the face of it, an overtly emotional frame. However, there is a quietness about the look they exchange that we really like.

The final element is lighting, which for us is all about setting the mood or tone of the photo. In this image Brenda shot with just the 2 off-camera strobes you can see behind the bride and groom. This helps to backlight and separate them from the background, but it also means that their faces are only partially lit- this adds to the low key feel of the image.

You can see more photos from this amazing Beamont Estate wedding here.

Beaumont Estate Wedding Photos

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