Chilston Park Hotel, which is just outside of Maidstone in Kent, is part of the esteemed Hand Picked chain of hotels, and proved to be a fantastic location for this wonderfully relaxed and emotional wedding. This 17th Century Manor House is set in 22 acres of stunning land, and is beautifully and tastefully decorated with antique furniture. It has a really charming feel. One of our favourite locations on site is the beautiful courtyard fronting onto the main ceremony building.

The bride and groom, Cathy and Adam, are a lovely couple and we were both so pleased that their day ended up being exactly how they had planned it to be- relaxed, fun and emotional too!

Its great when we get to work at venues like this, as it affords some great interior as well as exterior locations to feature in the photos. We were particularly pleased with the portraits in this sequence of photos. We place a lot of emphasis on creating a relaxed environment for couples for this part of the day, and this really helps to bring out the emotions between couples. We also make sure that we don’t ‘over-pose’ couples as most people don’t tend to feel comfortable copying fashion models!

As you will see from this sequence of photos we split the coverage at the earlier part of the day, so that one of us covered the girls getting ready, whilst the other covered the guys hanging out and getting ready at a local pub. It’s fantastic to be able to get this kind of split coverage at this time of the day, and its proving really popular amongst our couples. Its impossible to do this if you only have one photographer covering your day.

We hope you like this selection of photos, and if you are planning to get married at Chilston Park we’d love to hear from you! Just fill out this simple form, and we’ll get back to you with more info and our availability 🙂

Matt and Brenda

Chilston Park Wedding Photos

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