Asian Weddings at Northbrook Park

Philip and Manni’s wedding at the stunning Northbook Park was one of 2015’s highlights, not only because of the location, but also because it included both Western and Hindu traditions. This kind of ‘hybrid’ wedding, for want of a better expression, lends so many creative opportunities to wedding photographers. But more of that later! First, let’s talk about the venue!

The Venue- Northbrook Park

This breath-taking venue is located just outside of Farnham on the borders of Surrey and Hampshire. We had the pleasure of shooting there in 2014 and immediately fell in love with it. Set in 120 acres of stunning grounds, it also offers some wonderful indoor locations too, including one of the lightest and brightest ceremony rooms we’ve ever shot in. It’s great when a venue offers fantastic locations both inside and out, and this means that you have scope for contingency plans in the case of heavy rain too. One of the more quirky aspects of Northbrook Park is the fact that it is home to a group of peacocks too. As a photographer you often find yourself framing up a shot only to find a peacock walking into frame!

The Wedding

Philip and Manni are such a lovely couple, with such a laid-back fun loving approach to life. For their wedding day they wanted to combine the best of both Western and Asian wedding traditions, but with an overall relaxed and fun feel to everything. We were lucky enough to cover both their Western ceremony and also the Hindu ceremony too. Hindu ceremonies are wonderful to cover from a photographic point of view, but do require a really sustained level of concentration.

In the end, due to the amount of coverage required on such a day, we shot for 12 hours, and from a purely selfish point of view we were really pleased this was the case- you just wouldn’t want to miss any aspects of such a wonderful wedding day!

We really hope you love this selection of photos from their wedding day, and hope you love the look of this wonderful venue!

Matt and Brenda x

Philip_Mani_02 Philip_Mani_03 Philip_Mani_04 Philip_Mani_05 Philip_Mani_06 Philip_Mani_07 Philip_Mani_08Philip_Mani_09 Philip_Mani_10 Philip_Mani_11 Philip_Mani_12 Philip_Mani_13Philip_Mani_14 Northbrook Park Asian Wedding Philip_Mani_16 Philip_Mani_17 Philip_Mani_18Philip_Mani_19 Philip_Mani_22 Philip_Mani_23 Philip_Mani_24 Philip_Mani_25 Philip_Mani_26 Philip_Mani_27 Philip_Mani_28 Philip_Mani_29 Philip_Mani_30Philip_Mani_31 Philip_Mani_32 Philip_Mani_34 Philip_Mani_35 Philip_Mani_36 Philip_Mani_37 Philip_Mani_41 Philip_Mani_42 Philip_Mani_44 Philip_Mani_45 Philip_Mani_46 Philip_Mani_47 Philip_Mani_49 Philip_Mani_50 Philip_Mani_51 Philip_Mani_52 Philip_Mani_53 Philip_Mani_54 Philip_Mani_55 Philip_Mani_57Philip_Mani_58 Philip_Mani_59 Philip_Mani_60 Philip_Mani_61 Philip_Mani_62 Philip_Mani_63 Philip_Mani_64 Philip_Mani_65 Philip_Mani_66 Philip_Mani_67


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