We’re very fortunate to shoot a lot of weddings at Oaks Farm- ten in total during the course of 2016. We’re delighted to be one of Oaks Farm’s recommended photographers too.

One of our favourite weddings here has to be that of André and Sheraer. It was such a fun, emotional and entertaining wedding to shoot, and it was such a great crowd!

We hope you like this selection of photos from this fab wedding day!

Matt and Brendaandre_sheraer_004 andre_sheraer_016 andre_sheraer_020_bw andre_sheraer_023_bw andre_sheraer_025_bw andre_sheraer_032 andre_sheraer_037 andre_sheraer_038 andre_sheraer_088_bw andre_sheraer_089 andre_sheraer_104 andre_sheraer_105 andre_sheraer_111 andre_sheraer_113 andre_sheraer_120 andre_sheraer_150 andre_sheraer_155_bw andre_sheraer_161 andre_sheraer_164_bw andre_sheraer_171 andre_sheraer_173 andre_sheraer_181 andre_sheraer_187 andre_sheraer_201_bw andre_sheraer_207 andre_sheraer_213_bw andre_sheraer_221_bw andre_sheraer_228 andre_sheraer_243_bw andre_sheraer_249_bw andre_sheraer_277_bw andre_sheraer_285 andre_sheraer_299_bw andre_sheraer_313 andre_sheraer_384 andre_sheraer_392_bw andre_sheraer_399 andre_sheraer_428 andre_sheraer_493 andre_sheraer_498 andre_sheraer_511_bw andre_sheraer_512_bw andre_sheraer_515_bw andre_sheraer_530 andre_sheraer_536_bw andre_sheraer_566_bw andre_sheraer_578 andre_sheraer_585 andre_sheraer_586 andre_sheraer_592 andre_sheraer_594 andre_sheraer_624 andre_sheraer_630 andre_sheraer_632 andre_sheraer_642 andre_sheraer_659 andre_sheraer_671 andre_sheraer_682 andre_sheraer_693 andre_sheraer_696_bw andre_sheraer_707 andre_sheraer_729



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